Boost your revenue using location-based segmentation and advertising solutions

With our advertising solutions, collect activity and mobility data crossed with CRM data to manage highly accurate and personalized interactions with your customers. There is geo-location DNA inside. Leverage it and become a trusted advertising channel.

  • Audience-measured

    Performance KPI attribution

    • Advanced footfall measurement
    • Conversion funnel
    • Mixed with subscribers characteristics (aka traits) : making accurate segments
  • Richer communications

    Omnichannel, digital, social.

    • Personalized communication to each sub-segment and chatbots
    • Rich-media messages, including RCS, MMS, etc.
    • Native connectors to most used social networks and instant messaging apps
  • More context

    Thanks to advanced geofencing mixed with trait-making algorithms.

    • Device agnostic mass-scale geolocation of your customers,
    • Real time triggering for instant characterization and action taking
    • Mobility and activity data collection turned into advanced traits through machine learning algorithms
    • “On behalf of SFR, I would like to express our gratitude to Intersec for the work done in the field of real-time customer behavior analytics implemented in Altice Group. Over several years of ongoing partnership, Intersec has consistently delivered the quality and functionalities we required.”

Advertising with Intersec

360° view of your customers in a comprehensive solution.

The full-stack no-worry product

End to end value proposition ensures seamless integration between geolocation middleware and the campaign manager.

Seamless creation of LBA campaigns

Create effective geo-targeting campaigns in a matter of a few clicks.

IA-accelerated segment making

Derive augmented insights on subscribers, and identify behavioral patterns thanks to AI.

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