High value mobility data and geo-indicators for smart cities and smart territories

Prepare for the future by extracting the value that counts for your citizens from the mobility data stream. Metropolitan areas continue to grow exponentially. With our Smart Cities solutions, anticipate needs, detect changes in behaviors, and learn from past events and crisis.

  • Care of the environment, care of citizens

    Keep citizens safe and sound, while fighting traffic jams, energy waste and pollution

    • Opt-in based geolocation enabled alerting and info stream for locals
    • Futureproof urban planning thanks to AI-enhanced geo-analytics
    • Understand flaws and fix them, via chatbot implementation and live citizen feedback
    • Engage citizens in improving safety, air 
  • Major sports and cultural events covered

    Massive world events, massive movements of populations in crowded and stressed networks

    • Live information and alerting for visitors, through many digital and standard channels,
    • Live analytics & dynamic reports,
    • Detection of abnormal situations via machine-learned aggregated density surveillance,
    • Broadcast information via messages and mobile app notifications
    • Passive collection, no impact on network’s bandwidth
  • Population dynamics in cities and regions

    Learn movement patterns as location events are passively collected and stored.

    • Build advanced density analytics
    • Analyze tourism trends, travelers’ paths and conveyance modes
    • Consult commuting behaviors and congestion statuses
    • Run custom geostatistical studies,
    • Learn dynamics and detect unprecedented situations

The one-fits-all platform for smart cities use cases

Extract the value that counts for your citizens from the mobility data stream.

Device-agnostic passive collection

  • Continuous data collection of mobility events,
  • Passively collected (no impact on network),
  • Compatible with any generation of mobile core network (2G to 5G),
  • Every device supported (GSMs, feature phones, up to flagship smartphones), no apps needed for standard use cases

Omnichannel contextual communications

  • Communicate with citizens using the right channel, at the right time and location
  • Adapt to device generations and subscribers’ habits,
  • Always choose the modern medium that provides the best reach and impact
  • Draw or import comprehensive sets of geofences to prepare for any kind of event or situation

Low latency (5G-ready)

  • Reach citizens in seconds when sending location-based information or alerts
  • Trigger near-instant notifications and alarms when thresholds or geofences are activated thanks to integrated in-raw database and rules engine components from Intersec Agora
  • Temporal accuracy and latency further improved by the ongoing adoption of 5G

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