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Location data has been commonly used by operators for QoS purpose and rarely monetized in commercial use cases. Deriving insights and additional customer characteristics out of location data was not intuitive and straightforward task. 


  • Thanks to Intersec's advanced location platform, collecting mass scale location data with high accuracy and processing it in real time enabled Rogers to build innovative marketing campaigns

  • Customers were tagged based on location data and stop segments using Intersec's campaign builder.

  • By keeping such campaigns running over time helped gain confidence and reduce false positives​

  • Once identified, customer traits are being utilized in cross-/up- sell activities pushing roaming and data passes in some cases and targeting customers with relevant information such movies based on their characteristics  

Our absolute focus is on user experience. The Intersec solutions allow us to segment our entire subscriber base in a much smarter way and to orchestrate highly-personalized journeys to better serve, satisfy, and delight our customers.

Tamer Shayeb

Sr. Director, Core Data and Platforms​

Use case listing

Digital customer journey

Digital customer journey

Leveraging smart segmentation, contextual insights, AI-based predictions, and workflow automation, telcos can create impactful marketing campaigns and offer stellar experiences to their subscriber customer base.   

Location-based advertising

Location-based advertising

In a cookieless world, telcos provide a hyper-targeted marketing reach via high-engagement channels, allowing brands to reach customers in a personalized and contextualized way the instant they enter a defined area. 

Geoanalytics and TV-statistics

Geoanalytics and TV-statistics

Thanks to a 360° view of their subscribers through a digital twin of their database, telcos own datasets of rich insights and anonymized mobility patterns to develop sophisticated barometers, statistics, studies, and reports.