GeoSafe definitly is the product of the year!

La Défense –November 10th, 2020

Intersec is proud to announce it is named the winner of a BIG Award for Business and its GeoSafe solution was named 2020 Product of the Year.

Geosafe is a solution that provides public authorities and MNOs with instant geolocated communications & population movement analysis. It offers a multi-modal Public Warning System enabling governments to deal with mass alerting via Location-based SMS as well as Cell Broadcast. By combining these mobile alerting technologies, GeoSafe provides local authorities and public safety agencies with an effective emergency communication flow to increase population reach in case of alert or disaster.

Intersec has developed mobile specialized technologies improving response to needs expressed by Public Authorities to mobile operators:

  • Original network-based geolocation techniques (Passive location + Active + SubCell)
  • Big data stack with tailored algorithms to retrieve location data from mobile networks
  • Messaging connectors to deliver massive campaigns Combining Cell Broadcast - excelling in fast delivery of wide-spread alerts - and Location-based SMS - providing flexibility and accuracy in targeting the receiver.

The annual BIG awards for business program rewards companies, products and people that are leading their respective industries. This diverse industry awards program offers companies, their products, their people and their tactics a chance to be globally recognized by panels of business veterans and leaders.The BIG Awards for Business reward companies of various sizes (start-up, small, large) in all major verticals. 

“We are so proud to reward Intersec for their outstanding 2020 achievements,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nomination officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “This year’s group of winners are clearly leading by example in the global business community.”

Mathieu Lafforgue, GeoSafe Product Manager at Intersec adds " I am delighted to see multiple awards revealing that many business leaders understand its high value proposition. In my views, Product of the Year is a prestigious award and I hope it will enhance even further the success of our GeoSafe solution on the market."
Many operators around the word benefit from GeoSafe, such as Ooredoo in Tunisia, Mobily in Saudi Arabia, SFR in France, or STC in Saudi Arabia.