What is telecom metadata?

Published on: 30/01/2024
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Following Data Privacy Week which took place from January 22 to 26, our focus naturally gravitates toward the intricate landscape of safeguarding sensitive information. Unlike major OTT players, telecom companies are not in the business of selling personal data. Even with anonymized datasets, they can extract powerful insights from activity and mobility data and create valuable outcomes thanks to metadata. That’s where the magic happens.

Metadata is the new data 

Metadata [ˈmetədeɪtə], plural noun: Metadata provides information about other data, but not the content of the data itself. Telecom metadata can be succinctly defined as "data about data." This additional layer of information helps in understanding the structure, nature, and context of a dataset. 

Thus, telecom metadata encompasses insightful attributes about mobile subscribers’ activity and mobility, such as call duration or device location, without ever revealing the content of calls, texts, or browsing for example.



Video interview: Christophe Nez, VP Product, on data privacy


Data privacy, confidentiality, and integrity are essential in the telecom sector. In a post-cookie world, CSPs have an amazing treasure trove of data and have the opportunity to position themselves as trusted guardians of personal data, a key competitive advantage.

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Video case study: Privacy-friendly and powerful insights for marketing 


Cookies are set to bid farewell by 2024. As marketers brace for this shift, collaboration with telecommunications companies emerges as a key strategy for privacy-compliant data utilization. Discover how True Digital redefined data monetization with our micro-segmentation capabilities. 

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The magic of combining activity & mobility metadata:

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