Telco growth

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Telcos can reinvent their value-creation formula

Communication service providers have unique access to 100% of their subscriber base. This is why many businesses are building partnerships with them to leverage users’ data in privacy-compliant ways. This information provides the best statistical source anyone could dream of, especially in a post-cookie world, to better understand their own customers' behavior and make smarter decisions.

Question is, how to harness such information when it comes from different sources and still provide a good response time? With its exclusive platform, Intersec provides you with an efficient way to continuously monitor terabytes of activity and mobility data in real-time and at scale, obtain a 360° of your entire subscribers base, enrich them with various sources and technologies and extract high-value insights for infinite monetization use cases. 

Customer testimonials

Beyond its fast data capabilities, the strength of GeoInsights lies in its openness and modularity: users can indeed develop their own custom indicators and benefit from management rules specific to each use case

Loic Lelièvre

Big Data and Data science project manager