Geoanalytics and TV-statistics


Telco insights at scale

With the Intersec platform, CSPs can utilize their substantial consumer base to create unique consumer insights and provide public authorities and enterprise clients with insightful geodata-driven barometers, studies, and reports in privacy-compliant ways.

Anonymized data 24/7

Telcos handle an immense amount of data from millions of subscribers. Thanks to unsampled, anonymized, and fresh mobile data, measured 24/7, they can build valuable partnerships with other companies and ecosystems.

Large-scale geostatistics

By providing mass-scale historical and current geostatistical indicators quickly and without major technical expertise with Intersec, telcos help businesses make better location decisions.

Enrich further with APIs

On top of the Intersec platform, telcos can connect their own algorithms via APIs to gather and visualize all the data in real-time and provide other sectors with targeted statistical information. 

Use case examples

Population mobility patterns and density


The Intersec geoinsights solution collects, filters, analyses and presents all types of mobility insights derived from network data (GSM, Wi-fi, LoRa…) and mixes historical and real-time information. Customers can easily access heat maps and real-time analysis based on massive data and in full compliance with all requirements regarding personal data protection.

Infrastructure planning


Before building a new highway or designing a new train line, local authorities need to understand:

  • Which are the main paths taken
  • Where people come from
  • Which transportation means they use
  • If they use several transportation means
  • Where would the best place to settle a station be

Dimension touristic venues


It is more than useful for a city or a region to understand the touristic appeal of a place to better dimension public infrastructures, local transportations, parking lots or logging capacities.

  • How many people visit the region during peak periods?
  • What are their points of interests?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do they travel within the area (local transportations, cars, bikes...)?
  • When is the best moment to start road works?

A digital twin of your subscribers

Spatial coverage

  • National-wide collection
  • Awareness of roaming-out situations

Unsampled data

  • Full subscriber base
  • Even inbound roamers

Temporal coverage

  • Permanent: 24/7, yearly
  • Devices very often on network

Capture infrastructure

  • Investments already made
  • Trusted network location

Client success stories

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Through its cell phone network, SFR can report on the movements of 21 million cell phones in France. The data is collected 24/7, and the studies produced are anonymized in order to guarantee the respect and protection of personal data, in accordance with GDPR standards.

Based on this data, SFR Geostatistics offers actors in the tourism and transportation industries and local authorities the opportunity to carry out statistical studies based on reliable data which, when extrapolated, retrace the movements and frequentation of users on a national scale, in order to gain a better understanding of their territory and thus make strategic decisions with complete confidence.


Intersec's GeoInsights solution provides :

  • a solution for collecting and storing metadata extracted from SFR's cell phone network over a 12-month period
  • big data algorithms specialized in the processing of mobile geolocation data, allowing extremely fast and efficient exploitation of very large volumes of input data to produce synthetic statistical indicators on a recurring basis or on demand
  • a library of predefined business indicators, with management rules adapted to geographical issues, allowing the restitution of indicators of frequentation, travel, etc.
  • a robust technical solution for the technical management of the server cluster

SFR Geostatistics can thus calculate numerous indicators adjusted to the entire population of 11-79 year olds, which reflect the frequentation, flows and behavior of the populations on the French territory:

  • indicators of attendance, flows, length of stay, etc.
  • the level of detail required (time slot, CSP...)
  • administrative areas (EPCI, departments, regions, etc.)
  • the study period, with the possibility of comparing with historical data calculated since 2019
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Beyond its fast data capabilities, the strength of GeoInsights lies in its openness and modularity: users can indeed develop their own custom indicators and benefit from management rules specific to each use case.

Loic Lelièvre

Big Data and Data science project manager


Public authorities launched a project to build a railway express line from downtown to a major airport, representing 200 km subway rails and 68 new stations. Thorough knowledge of the traffic, frequency, and behavior of visitors was essential to define the locations of stations.


SFR won the project to provide these statistics and leveraged Intersec’s GeoInsights solution to collect mobile location data, run complex analytical algorithms, extract segmentation, and mobility insights, and produce heatmaps. 

Over 4 months, SFR and Intersec analyzed more than 1 billion network events daily in total compliance with privacy regulations (through cryptographic aliasing, unreversed anonymization, and filtering).

The insights allowed the identification of optimal locations for arrival and departure, along with the service’s time schedule and tariffs. It also helped regional authorities build new highways and densify the subway traffic.​

Each year we’ve seen how the industry is getting more innovative and more imaginative about serving customers as technology advances. To win an award shows an excellent level of innovation in driving demand for better quality services.

Alan Burkitt-Gray

Executive Editor of Global Telecoms Business and Capacity​


Paris City Council wanted to collect, analyze and process mobile data to make the urban environment greener and enhance the quality of life of Parisians.


In partnership with Cisco, Intersec analyzed for 4 weeks all the data coming from the WIFI terminals placed on and around the Place de la Nation.

Intersec collected, anonymized, and exploited all data to identify the number of visitors, frequency patterns, visitors' profiles (tourists, residents, workers), the most taken paths and the main points of interest (bus stops, subway stations, specific avenues…)

Data privacy compliance was guaranteed through aliasing cryptographic, output filtering, and white noise introduction.With nearly 1 million events collected every day, the City tested several restructuring and optimization solutions and choose the most suitable option, allowing 57% additional pedestrian space.


The processing of these data has enabled the City Council to accurately measure the number of visitors on the square, identify the most frequented routes used by pedestrians or by cars, quantify the visit duration on the square by time slot, etc.

Jean-Marc Coïc

Intersec CTO and co-founder​


Until today, every monday, French television channels rely on Mediametrie's weekly audience reports to analyze their performances. 

Mediametrie extrapolates the audience measurement of a panel of about 5,000 households to generate national TV-statistics. This French tier-1 telco was looking for solution to leverage the live data from their 4 million TV boxes across the country and deliver real-time statistics.


Instead of extrapolating data from a sample of users, the Intersec platform allows the MNO to extract real-time TV audience measurement allowing their media partners to access and analyze the usage trends on the spot, refine their segmentation, and finetune their offerings. 

Thanks to real-time, there is no need to wait for the results the next day like with Mediametrie, as the results are available immediately.

Not only is the provided data immediately retrieved, it is also more trustworthy as it goes beyond sampling, providing visibility to advertisers on the slightest variations in audience, minute by minute.

The Intersec's unique technology also delivers highly granular and contextualized insights from subscribers, including demographics, geographics and behavioral details, resulting in more relevant and personalized campaigns. 

Telecommunications operators that offer boxes and OTT (Over The Top) services have new capabilities to collect usage data in real time.  In France, this telco offers an Analytics Live service, which provides real-time audience data in exchange for an annual subscription to TV channels.

French Ministry of Culture​


DataCity is an open innovation program created by NUMA – a program accelerating startups supporting public and private organizations in their innovative projects - in partnership with Paris City. The end goal: use data to design solutions for tomorrow’s cities.


RATPDev has selected Intersec for the Mobility challenge to develop algorithms for counting and analyzing passengers of OpenTour, one of its subsidiaries, measuring and analyzing 50 stops, 38 buses, 19,200 km routes, 800,000 network events, and 23,000 reconstituted itineraries.

Leveraging onboard Wi-Fi, GPS tracking of buses, and multi-channel ticketing results, these algorithms, dramatically enriched customer knowledge, identifying where people hop on and off, measuring flows at each stop, calculating the return on investment per bus etc.  

Intersec delivered a web interface displaying KPIs in real-time, targeted dashboards and streaming analytics, to further enhance the users’ experience.

By enabling established mobility start-ups like Intersec to collaborate with our experts and benefit from our international presence, RATP Dev supports their growth and the outreach of innovative mobility solutions for the benefit of cities and their inhabitants”

Patrick Vautier

Marketing and Innovation Director at RATP Dev​


Telcos' strategic advantage

Data collection

  • Mass-scale and flexible
  • Large historization

Rich segmentation

  • Movement pattern
  • Marketing criteria, etc.

Location intelligence

  • On-demand geolocation
  • Mass geolocation

Full-end geostatisctics solution

  • Study design & customization
  • Data visualization, export, integration