Location-based advertising

location based advertising

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Many businesses have long seen searching for ways to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. The Intersec location-based advertising (LBA) solution is a powerful marketing tool that allows to reach customers in a personalized and contextualized way the instant they enter a defined area helping brands improve user experience, drive visits to stores and boost revenue.

Privacy by Design

Telcos can share non-anonymized data with third parties in compliance with data privacy laws, providing the customer’s explicit consent. Such data privacy principles are integrated at the heart of the Intersec platform architecture.

Micro-targeting at scale

The Intersec location-based advertising solution is fully scalable, enabling targeting and segmentation at scale. Crossed with CRM data and superior geofencing capabilities, it provides advertisers with a 360° view of their customers.

Omnichannel campaigns

Our omnichannel approach allows advertisers to communicate through all digital channels such as SMS, social media, or emails, removing boundaries, creating a unified user experience, and triggering ads by the location.

Key benefits for telcos

Additional revenue stream with high profitability margin


Adding a location component with geofencing and real time capabilities, will enable the operators to provide a premium messaging service that can generate 10x the revenue of a traditional targeted message.

Cater multiple business sectors


The LBA enables operators to grow their B2B business and play an essential role in developing multiple brands across multiple business sectors including but not limited to Retail, Tourism, Real estate, restaurants, etc... helping businesses from all sizes to improve their sales and the efficiency of their marketing activities.

Convince brands to partner with you thanks to unrivalled real-time capabilities


With the LBA operators can partner with major brands and engage in joint campaigns that will improve their brand image.

Tailored advertising campaign management


The Intersec location-based advertising solution enables operators to define and fully manage the type of campaign according to customers’ needs.

The intersec solution is easy to use and equipped with compelling features including:

  • Opt-in/opt-out mechanism
  • Couponing capabilities
  • Budget allocation and capping per customer
  • Multi language and multi channel capabilities
  • Etc..

cost control

In just a few clicks


When setting up your campaign, you start by choosing targets according to the criteria of your choice

Where? When?

After having segmented your targets, you can define the action area of your advertising campaigns

Create a message

Our solution allows you to define several messages according to the typology of each customer in order to best adapt to your needs

Launch your campaign

Now that your campaign has been set up, you just have to let the machine do the work


Unique capabilities

IA-accelerated segment making


Derive augmented insights on subscribers, and identify behavioral patterns thanks to AI.

Automatic multi-language messaging


At the message creation stage, platform users can pre-define several language versions, for each message. The benefit is that during the campaign, each targeted subscriber receives the message in his/her preferred language (as defined in the subscriber database) ​

Recurring bulk campaigns


Bulk campaigns can now be scheduled to re-run on a periodic basis, enabling LBA users to define periodic patterns like:​

  • Every X days send SMS
  • Every X hours send SMS
  • Every 3 weeks send SMS once/twice or more
  • Each day send twice or every 8 hrs send SMS
  • Or any other combination of SMS sending frequency

Zone audience estimation


As a LBA user, while setting up your campaing, you can get live count (based on last known locations of subscribers) of people inside the zone of a campaign who matches your target