Go Big With 5G

Our platform is already capable of plugging into the new 5G networks being deployed worldwide, providing existing and future software solutions with the vastly improved spatial and time accuracy brought by 5G.

Protect Your People

Intersec Public Safety solutions fully explore the potential of local and national infrastructures to communicate in a timely manner to nearly 100% of the population during a crisis, in due respect to data privacy regulations.

Reach Your Audience

Implement mass-scale location-based services at minimal cost with a constant monitoring of all your subscribers’ locations and trigger instant notifications when they enter a geofence.

Our aim

We help public and private organizations embrace the digital revolution as we believe data transform the way our customers work.
How so? By harnessing the value from the huge amounts of data that our clients’ systems are generating every second. That’s how they can detect the right insight on the fly, and automate relevant decisions in no delay. Customer Base management, Location data monetization, fraud prevention… our platform delivers proven use cases, scales fast and extends easily to new applications. Service providers have gone through uberization of their business model. You can too, and we have the experience to help.

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