Field-tested subcell accuracy: our latest location engine results

Published on: 11/12/2023
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Field tests of our location engine


Focusing solely on the cell level has been a constraint for operators due to the variable size of cells, sometimes spanning several kilometers. Years ago, Intersec anticipated that subcell location would emerge as the standard for various applications in both active (on-demand) and passive (mass-scale) modes. The R&D team added over 30 location techniques to its location engine over the years, including passive SubCell collection as a native feature of the Intersec platform in 2017. These additions aimed to provide the most accurate network location events, regardless of the situation.


In collaboration with a tier-one mobile network customer, we recently conducted comprehensive tests on our location engine, achieving groundbreaking levels of accuracy in urban and suburban environments in 4G.

We tested the accuracy of several location techniques:


The result: up to 400x more precise than Cell ID


Traditionally, the Cell ID serves as the basic location indicator. Leveraging 3GPP standardized location techniques elevates accuracy tenfold.


Remarkably, by testing various positioning methodologies — both active and passive — in various contexts —  both urban and suburban — our location engine surpassed these standards to reach unprecedented accuracy levels, up to 400 times superior to traditional methods:

location accuracy tests - active


These tests demonstrate Intersec's technological advancement in location precision and underscore our commitment to pioneering advancements in the field. They unlock a variety of use cases. The feedback from our customers is excellent, and almost all prospects' location-related projects demand it.


Why location accuracy matters

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in almost all countries are legally obliged to provide their networks with accurate positioning capabilities for regulatory compliance reasons, to enhance public safety:

  • Emergency call location and routing: Enhance emergency response teams (ambulance, fire, and police departments) by providing real-time phone location and call routing information
  • Emergency alerts: Innovate Public Safety alerts by offering network-wide, targeted public safety alert services
  • Location investigations: Enhance the crime prevention and investigation capabilities of Law Enforcement Agencies with AI-assisted investigation instruments

There also are use cases that demand high accuracy for data monetization purposes, such as:

  • Location-based advertising and marketing
  • Real-time asset tracking (medical equipment, ambulances, manufacturing parts...)
  • Inventory management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Drone localization
  • etc. 

Intersec's hybrid magic: maximum accuracy, minimal network load

At Intersec, our platform employs a blend of active and passive techniques to gather anonymized location data on a large scale. Utilizing both active queries and passive signalization traffic collection:

  • provides real-time insights, recognizes patterns, and facilitates immediate action
  • enhances spatial and temporal accuracy
  • optimizes network load
  • introduces new use cases

The hybrid platform, locating millions of subscribers, combines the strengths of passive and active geolocation, enabling CSPs to unlock advanced features and monetization opportunities across various applications, including Public Safety, Fraud Detection, Contextual Marketing, Advertising, Smart Cities, and IoT. The patented technology ensures precise location data, reaching up to thousands of location points per subscriber daily, surpassing traditional geolocation techniques.

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