Intersec and the Connected Cities

Published on: 19/05/2017
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Intersec gets more and more involved in the Smart Cities' area with amazing projects in France such as:

- The DataCity Challenge with RATP Dev's Open Tour tourisitic buses: based on Wi-Fi on board, Bus GPS tracking and ticketing revenue, Intersec recalculates on-board densities, providing RATP Dev with insights on stop usage (hops in/out) and buses frequency.

- The Paris City Place de la Nation (Nation Square) project: thanks to data from Cisco's wi-fi network on the Square, we managed to understand the most commonly-used paths for bikes, pedestrians, cars, buses; the frequentation picks on the Square and the kind of visitors (workers, tourists, residents). All these analysis allowed Paris city to select the best refurbishing project for the Square.

We are now also entering discussions with other cities in France and in Europe on use cases such as fraud in public transportation, crowd analysis and densities based on public wifi access with real-time analytics and triggering, smart parking service to limit pollution and congestion, etc.

Intersec will participate in the Connected Cities Summit in London... stay tuned! 


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