Intersec joins the CAMARA initiative

Published on: 03/10/2023
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Empowering telcos with advanced location capabilities for third parties

We are proud to announce our active contribution to CAMARA (Collaborative Alliance for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications), an initiative led by GSMA and the Linux Foundation. This project aims to revolutionize telco network capabilities for third-party applications and services by fostering collaboration among industry leaders.

As an active participant in the CAMARA project, our team is dedicated to developing and promoting the adoption of user-friendly location APIs. Leveraging our network location expertise, we are empowering mobile network operators to enhance their offerings with cutting-edge location-based services.


To delve deeper into the topic, we asked a few questions to Sebastien Synold, location intelligence expert at Intersec.

What role does Intersec play in this global initiative?

Our involvement in the project primarily focuses on taking part in the Device Location project, alongside our customers Orange and Telefonica, dedicated to defining location APIs for three key purposes:

  1. Location Check: enabling the verification of the geographical location of SIM-based devices, allowing efficient validation of whether a device is within a requested geographical area. This functionality has extensive applications in areas such as asset tracking and fraud monitoring.
  2. Alert Notifications: receiving instant notifications when a device enters or leaves a defined area. This feature opens up exciting opportunities for targeted advertising and enhanced customer experience for example.
  3. Location Raw: instantly delivering accurate and reliable location data of given devices upon request. This capability is indispensable for emergency response or to retrieve lost or stolen phones, for instance.

In practice, how will telcos expose enhanced location capabilities to third parties?

All three APIs developed within the CAMARA community will be made available to developers through subscription or on-demand, offering flexibility to meet the diverse needs of mobile network operators and their customers. For telcos that decide to partner with a device location provider, the integration is expected to be seamless. With Intersec, since our location platform natively supports CAMARA-compliant APIs, it is an effortless adoption for operators.

By contributing to the development of standardized APIs, we contribute to an ecosystem that fosters interoperability, promotes best practices, and delivers enhanced location experiences for users worldwide.

Are the device location APIs limited to the three mentioned above?

It will continue to evolve over time, as technology and regulations evolve. With Intersec, in addition to leveraging standard CAMARA-compliant device location APIs, our platform also offers a comprehensive geolocation toolkit designed specifically for Network-as-a-service (NaaS). With our proprietary CAMARA-like APIs, operators gain access to a wide range of advanced features and functionalities. Here are a few examples:

  • Historized location data: our platform enables telcos’ customers to harness historized location data, empowering them to analyze trends, patterns, and customer behavior over time.
  • Live population displays: our interactive maps provide real-time insights, allowing users to accurately count the number of people present in a defined area, especially useful when managing crises, or for geo-statistics purposes.
  • AI-powered location algorithms: our platform can detect unusual fluctuations in population density, known as threshold crossing, and trigger intelligent notifications based on contextual parameters. These capabilities are powerful tools to optimize network performance, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new revenue opportunities.


To find out more about our geolocation services for telcos, visit this page.

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