Intersec participates in the Telco Data Analytics event

Published on: 10/02/2017
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Laurent Michel, our CMO, will talk about Location.

For the past 10 years, Intersec has been enabling mobile operators to leverage geolocation data for the creation of new services by providing them with solutions to:

  • scale up geolocation from individual to mass-scale and in real time
  • create actionable contextual insights with fast data
  • add intelligence to monetise new services

For the last 2 years, we have applied our solutions to the Smart Cities area, leveraging data from various sources.

We worked on a 1st Tactical Urbanism experience in Paris City, in partnership with Cisco, for the refurbishing project of the "Place de la Nation" (huge square in Paris).
Given our ability to make sense of massive amounts of data from very different sources, our unique technology was just what Paris City needed to take an informed decision, based on facts for the refurbishing of the Square.

We also helped RATP-Dev, operator of the Open-Tour tourist buses in Paris to better understand their customers by gathering and analyzing data: based on Wi-Fi on board, Bus GPS tracking and ticketing revenue, Intersec recalculates on-board densities, providing RATP Dev with insights on stop (hops in/out) and buses frequency.

We wish to share our experience as we believe other operators, cities and companies could benefit from it.

What participants will get:

  • An understanding of what can be done and what it takes to leverage Geolocation data
  • A panel of real world use cases to monetise location data
  • Reference benefits from actual experience

See you there!

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