Location Intelligence is part of our DNA at Intersec​

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We are excited to introduce our tagline to you “Location Intelligence”. What better way to define what we do? These two words clearly define our core business and expertise, hence our decision to move forward with them.

Since our inception in 2004, we have been a global leader in location and mobility data solutions. We have successfully offered innovative and disruptive software that enabled fast data analytics, mass communication, and AI-based decisions to our clients worldwide, which in turn enabled them to leverage the location of nearly one billion humans and connected objects.

Geolocation is part of our DNA at Intersec. In 2009, we natively developed our passive geolocation solutions which marked a tremendous success. We then proceeded to combine it with active geolocation technologies which tremendously enhance our unique geofencing capabilities.

With our continuous improvement mindset and resilience, these elements allowed us to put in place methodologies based on algorithms that particularly add value and provide invaluable information to telecom operators.

Location Intelligence Platform

Intersec offers an equipment vendor-agnostic platform for all geolocation needs. Our 5G-ready platform collects anonymized location datasets on a mass scale through a combination of active and passive techniques, computes insights, detects pre-defined or machine-learned patterns in real-time, and makes relevant instant actions and communications. It allows CSPs to:

  • fully leverage Intersec top-of-the-shelf location-based applications in various fields (Public Safety,Contextual marketing,Advertising,Smart Cities and IoT)
  • unlock monetization opportunities with existing use cases, with GeoHub, our API enablement solution
  • seamlessly plug in any new and disruptive use cases, with

Location Intelligence for Public Safety

  • Public Warning Systems: public authorities can send alerts seamlessly throughout multiple communication channels reaching close to 100% of the population and viewing live field information such as real-time geographical distribution, dynamic population mapping, and network availability.
  • Lawful location access: Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) can conduct advanced mobile tracking investigations leveraging the real-time and location history of subscribers derived from mobile networks.

Location Intelligence for Contextual Marketing and Advertising 

  • Real-time geofences, combined with unique insights derived from mobile networks, are key components to provide relevant content, triggercontextualized marketing campaigns,and create stellar customer experiences.Location-based segmentation, crossed with CRM data, also allows advertisers to develop accurate and personalized interactions with their customers.

>In a nutshell, with over 100 clients in 80 countries that rely on our solutions for a combination of speed and location accuracy alongside an understanding of their unique implementation challenges, we are proud to provide them with the highest validated network location accuracy solutions.

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