Passenger Information Sprint Final at Station F

Published on: 04/04/2017
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Intersec goes on developing its Smart Citys’ strategy and especially in the field on Mobility Intelligence.SNCF

SNCF (National French Railways) organizes a challenge to improve its tools and processes related to customer communication. Intersec has participated and qualified to pitch today at Station F in Paris.




The themes of this challenge are multiple:

  • Personalized communication and personalized customer information
  • Managing information flows during disruption
  • Decision-making and planning support

Intersec will pitch its solutions to all these three issues orchestrating real-time data for insights and effective information. By processing millions of data from various sources (trains schedule, CRM, events, …), applying rules & algorithms and pushing information automatically in real time, Intersec is capable of solving these issues.

More information here.

See you there!

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