Get enhanced control, indicators, and value through IoT fleet tracking and 5G

From simple SIM-card connectivity to high-value smart geolocated device fleets

Without appending hardware/software to existing core networks or end-user devices: Continuous computing of rich KPIs, behavioral insights and accurate location from passive collection of events On par with most IoT use cases that used to require specific geo-positioning hardware and data hungry apps on specific devices

  • Upsell on smarter SIMs

    Turn a simple SIM card into a smart passive KPI collector and accurate geo-localizer for small devices

    • Location and historized tracking of moves and stops in fleets
    • Compute geostatistics and behavioral models from geolocation data
    • Collect and aggregate any relevant custom KPI
  • Optimize maintenance, prevent failures and loss

    Learning from real data, passively collected, and processed
    • Set up user alerts on forbidden or abnormal behaviors
    • Watch communications, consumptions, and any relevant metric (connected cars, etc.)
    • Track when and how failures happen and troubleshoot in a snap


The enabler for mass-scale devices fleets management designed for 5G


  • All kinds of devices are supported
  • Flexible data collection modules to connect with any telco and non-telco data sources
  • Uniformization of data formats into standardized APIs and UIs

Low latency

  • Leverage 4G and 5G network connectivity
  • Bring millisecond triggering and action taking to connected devices


  • Passive collection of activity and mobile data unleashes capacity to hundreds of millions of devices

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