Discover our 2023 annual review

Published on: 15/01/2024
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Amplifying the real-world impact of telecom metadata and location intelligence around the world

With 1 billion SIM cards connected to our solutions 24/7 and increased revenues by 38%, FY2023 has been a great year for Intersec. Here is an overview of the milestones, achievements, and growth that defined our journey over the past year: 

"The company's upward trajectory in the last four years validates our strategic shift initiated eight years ago. This shift emphasizes telecom metadata, leveraging our strong technological edge over competitors. Our current approach prioritizes 21st-century technologies for enhanced societal safety while strengthening the substantial value of location-based services for operators to generate new revenues and reclaim their position in the value chain." Vincent Bastien, Chairman


"Building upon these excellent results, we reaffirm our dedication to sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. We advance our ambitious growth path by reinforcing our core elements: introducing new innovative products that leverage metadata intelligence, and enhancing customer proximity through the increased presence of our teams in various regions." Yann Chevalier, CEO


Intersec GMLC

High-quality Android, iOS, or hybrid solutions translated into great results.

Marie Dupont