DataCity: Intersec selected by RATP Dev

Published on: 03/06/2017
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RATP Dev chose Intersec for the DataCity Mobility challenge, program launched by NUMA and Paris City.

Intersec, the leading vendor of real-time streaming analytics software today announced it has been chosen for the DataCity Project. DataCity is an open innovation program created by NUMA – a program accelerating startups, supporting corporates and public institutions in their innovative projects - in partnership with Paris City. The objective
of these challenges: use data to design solutions for tomorrow’s cities.
With the support of multiple stakeholders (Cisco, SFR, Setec, Paris City, etc.), pilots are set up to allow startups and tech companies to demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions. Corporates and local authorities benefit from these solutions through new business opportunities, new services or quality of service improvement.

RATP Dev has selected Intersec for the Mobility challenge to develop algorithms counting passengers of its subsidiary OpenTour – main operator of Parisian open top touristic buses. These algorithms, developed in full compliancy with legal requirements regarding privacy, aim at enriching customer knowledge, identifying where people hop on and off, measure flows at each stop, etc.

The resulting analytics will enable OpenTour to enrich its offer and to enhance their customers’ experience. Patrick Vautier, Marketing and Innovation Director at RATP Dev explains, “RATP Dev invests in an open approach of innovation to offer more performant and attractive solutions to the network we operate. By enabling established mobility start-ups like Intersec to collaborate with our experts and benefit from our international presence, RATP Dev supports their growth and the outreach of innovative mobility solutions for the benefit of cities and their inhabitants.”

"We are eager to start this project with RATP Dev and OpenTour in direct line with our Smart Cities strategy. DataCity echoes our experimentation with Cisco on the refurbishing of Paris Nation Square." comments Jean-Marc Coïc, Intersec CTO and co-founder.

About Intersec
Intersec designs innovative software enabling operators to leverage their network Big Data. Our disruptive technology crunches and consolidates huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous network equipment and IT, and turns them into actionable insights in real-time.

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