FR-Alert: mobile operators in Overseas France join forces with Intersec to implement the new alert system

Published on: 31/05/2022
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Intersec, selected by the French Ministry of the Interior and the major national mobile operators, is also joining forces with most of the overseas operators following a series of tenders to provide the new public warning system, FR-Alert. 

In the event of a major incident, the authorities will be able to send out targeted and contextualized alerts to all affected areas, including the most remote. The population will be better informed about the risk, the situation, and the safety recommendations to follow thanks to this method.

Overseas territories of France are physically exposed to natural hazards, which can have severe consequences for the population and infrastructure. In this instance, high-intensity weather events occur frequently in the tropical regions where many of the Overseas territories are located. Because natural disasters are unavoidable, the FR-Alert system will be a vital tool for practically the whole population. In addition to natural disasters, all public safety issues are covered by this system such as industrial accidents, health crises, terrorist attacks, and technological incidents. On the eve of the 2024 Olympic Games and its large gatherings, the need for such a system is indisputable to ensure the safety of local populations, sports delegations and thousands of visitors expected, especially on the Polynesian island of Tahiti, which will host the Olympic surfing events.

Yann Chevalier, Intersec's CEO, said: "These new mandates illustrate the trust that our staff has earned, as well as the quality and dependability of our public alerting solution. We are especially happy to collaborate with mobile operators in Overseas France as FR-Alert deployment is guaranteed in all French territories around the world.”

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