Intersec and Red Hat deliver performance boost for capturing value in Fast Data

Published on: 10/09/2015
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Paris, September 10th, 2015 - Intersec, leading editor of real-time streaming analytics software, and Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, have demonstrated their ability to deliver significantly faster results and go beyond state-of-the-art distributed Big Data solutions.

Benchmarks conducted by Intersec and Red Hat against Hadoop and Spark have been successfully carried out in a NFV environment based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with two use cases, Customer Base Management and Geomarketing. In both cases, Intersec’s overall performance was measurably faster than Hadoop and Spark thanks to its cutting-edge software architecture. Complete benchmark results are available at

Open source tools such as Hadoop already help companies store and process data to enable complex queries. Within seconds, Intersec’s fast data analytics can capture value out of massive streams, even if they are coming in simultaneously from different sources. All industries dealing with massive amounts of data — such as Retail, Telco,
Banks, Insurance, Utilities, or Transportation — require highly responsive platforms. They need to be able to take
action quickly when detecting certain insights, whether because the window to act might close quickly, or because an
immediate reaction is required.

By combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Intersec’s Real-Time Customer Base Management
solution, service providers have the ability to trigger immediate contextual engagement with their customers. According to a recent Booz & Company study, implementing a Real Time Customer Base Management system improves operators EBITDA from 3% to 5%.

By combining Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Intersec Data Monetization Solution, service providers can convert their subscribers’ raw mobile location data into valuable insights. As a standalone solution in benchmarking tests, this combination improved query times by an average of 100 times compared to Hadoop. For companies which have already developed applications on Hadoop Framework and wish to keep them running, using Intersec’s solution on Red Hat framework enables them to boost their efficiency by 30 times and to more easily extend their scope to new use cases.

Research firm STL Partners highlights an $11 billion opportunity in location insights for mobile operators by 2016 thanks to the monetization of aggregated and anonymous “trend” information collected from connected consumers’ mobile location data.

“From day one, we have placed our trust in Red Hat virtualized environments which ideally fit in our technology made of a combination of in-memory, column-oriented and indexing data” said Jean-Marc Coïc, CTO and co-founder of Intersec. “Should a service provider have a Hadoop file system or not, our solution boosts their velocity to allow
smart decisions on the fly.”

“Combining Red Hat Openstack NFV framework with Intersec solution, brought the results we expected: an outstanding performance and a high reliability. This combined solution allows operators to gain accurate business insight from all of their data in real-time. Red Hat and Intersec offer a big data platform that lets them unify new and legacy data sources, significantly speed data analysis, and make better-informed business decisions faster” adds Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, OpenStack, Red Hat.

Disclaimer: These benchmarks were conducted on a specific hardware configuration and do not represent any commitment of performance from neither Intersec nor Red Hat.

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