Intersec announces the end of the deployment of FR-Alert

Published on: 17/10/2022
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Intersec and the French Ministry of Interior announce the end of the deployment of FR-Alert in mainland France, a major technological breakthrough for public safety in France. French public authorities can now send targeted and contextualized alerts to cell phones of citizens and visitors located in a danger zone in the event of a major risk, and communicate safety instructions to protect themselves. 

Yann Chevalier, CEO of Intersec, said: "Today, technology allows us to reach the greatest number of people in case of a major incident, to support public authorities in real-time in crisis management, and, ultimately, to save lives. We are naturally very proud to develop solutions that make a real difference, and happy to have carried out this project alongside the government in a collaborative and innovative spirit.”

Romain Moutard, program director at the French Ministry of Interior, adds: "By selecting Intersec's solution, the French government has designed FR-Alert as a multi-channel solution in order to reach the largest number of people. By combining Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS, we benefit from an exceptional coverage rate of 95% of the French population".

The deployment continues in the French overseas departments and regions. Indeed, the modular architecture of the solution allows the integration of new functionalities and additional broadcasting channels, such as Galileo satellite radio navigation in 2023, to be ready for tomorrow's emergency situations.


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