Intersec launches Trela

Published on: 19/10/2022
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Intersec launches Trela, an innovative alerting solution for local authorities to complement FR-Alert, dedicated to risk prevention and management 

Paris, France, October 19, 2022 - Intersec accompanies businesses and public institutions in their digital revolution in the public safety field. The French Ministry of Interior has entrusted the company with the deployment of FR-Alert throughout the country. This new tool allows any citizen with a cell phone to receive an alert related to a nearby risk. Convinced that the local level is synonymous with proximity and confidence for all citizens, Intersec wishes to enable local authorities to seize a new solution for risk prevention and management to complement the action of the government and the prefectures: Trela.

Fires, floods, industrial incidents... In France, 2/3 of towns and 1/4 of the population are located on a risky territory. Risks are becoming more and more prevalent, especially with the increasing consequences of global warming, and paradoxically local authorities often do not have the technological means to act effectively in the event of a crisis. Faced with this situation, Intersec has developed Trela, a public warning solution for local public authorities, dedicated to preventing, alerting, mobilizing, and protecting people at risk. 

Built around a central cartography linked to the geohazard databases developed by the French government, with access to all digital communication channels and precise targeting of alert distribution zones, Trela gives mayors the power to warn their constituents of any risk instantly within their territory of action. 

All municipalities and inter-municipalities can subscribe to Trela, thanks to a pricing adapted to the current budgetary context to ensure that all communities, including the smallest French towns, can benefit from the solution. 

Trela is a 100% Made in France solution and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data is hosted on a French cloud. All the details and information about this new Intersec innovation can be found on the solution's website.


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