Intersec mines the data to re-invent the city

Published on: 04/10/2017
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1rst Tactical Urbanism experience in Paris in partnership with Cisco, the refurbishing project of the"Place de la Nation" mines data to re-invent the City. 

In this context, and during 4 weeks, Intersec collected all the data from Cisco's Wi-fi Network covering the "Place de la Nation". Thanks to this data processing, Paris City was able to measure the attendence on the square at various moments of the day;to identify the most popular paths be it by foot, bike or car; to quantify the visit duration from one time period to another, etc.

Given its ability to make sens of massive amounts of data from very different sources, Intersec's technology is unique on the market and is just what Paris City needed to take an informed decision, based on facts for the refurbishing of Place de la Nation (in French).

Jean-Marc Coïc, Intersec CTO is interviewed on the Cisco blog. (in French)

Read the BFM article on the subject. (in French)

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