Intersec presents its new Geo-Intelligence Suite 

Published on: 23/02/2018
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A major step forward towards helping telecom operators unlocking fruitful end-to-end location-based offers

Paris, Feb 23th, 2018 - Intersec, a leading provider of fast data solutions today announces the launch of its Geo-Intelligence Suite based on its Fast Data Analytics platform.

The company’s unique location-based approach lies in the combination of traditional active queries with passive collection of signaling traffic, the orchestration of both methods, the ability to narrow location to subcell levels, the ability to store location information into a historical database, and to work on all technology networks, including Wi-FI.
Intersec has now developed a complete array of location-based Solutions: 
- GeoInsights, the already famous solution several times rewarded in 2017 and 2018 by Pipeline, Global Telecoms Business, Business Intelligence Group or International Business Awards… provides demographic studies for smart cities, transport planning, geomarketing and billboard audience monitoring, among others.
- GeoReach: our solution for Location-Based Advertising, enabling brands to trigger ads based on their audiences’ locations. 
- GeoSafe: for all needs regarding lawful location and public warning systems.
- GeoTrack: for IoT tracking and asset management; insights and business processes beyond connectivity.
- GeoHub: enabling third-party applications to leverage location events.
- GeoTravel: our solution to customize customer engagement before, during and after roaming abroad.

Intersec will be developing additional products to offer mainstream off-the-shelf use cases to its customers, as well as a data marketplace to serve a broader spectrum of customers who may need to access on-demand insights derived from data.
The global location-based services market is expected to reach $61,897 million by 2022, supported by a compound annual growth rate of 26.6%, according to Allied Market Research. Intersec has accomplished its intention, announced at 2017’s Mobile World Congress, to offer a platform that enables data extraction and processing from end-to-end, allowing refined algorithms, data reconciliation with vector maps, and more, to enhance location insights and bring more value to brands and businesses.
Laurent Michel, Chief Marketing Officer of Intersec, said, ““This complete suite of end-to-end applications corresponds to our CSP customers’ expectations for a unified solution covering the full scope of their needs. Our Geo-Intelligence Suite has already seen adoption and success in Canada, the Middle-East and Maghreb, and we look forward to helping many more companies globally leverage their data with this powerful, versatile and comprehensive Solutions Suite.”

About Intersec
Intersec designs innovative software enabling operators to leverage their network Big Data. Our disruptive technology crunches and consolidates huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous network equipment and IT and turns them into actionable insights in real-time.

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