Intersec ranked in the Great Place to work list 2015

Published on: 17/03/2015
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The Great Place to Work® Institute unveiled the results of the 2015 ranking of best workplaces on Tuesday March 17th

We have the pleasure to announce that INTERSEC ranks 36 in the Best Workplaces’ 2015 list in the less than 500 employees category. It is the first time INTERSEC participates in the Great Place to Work® ranking.

“Intersec is a French software editor that designs solutions allowing mobile operators from all over the world to capture and value their network Big Data. The extracted data is analyzed in real-time and enables them either to improve their internal efficiency or to deliver innovative services for third parties. Intersec is a company where 15 nationalities work together. It is quite natural when you know they already have 10 offices abroad. The monthly Great Convivial Moments (GCM) and the Welcome Days allow the company to smoothly integrate the numerous newcomers while preserving the company’s culture and values. But its great strength lies in its technological performances, far above the competition, that stimulate Intersec staff and makes them happy to be part of this technical challenge.” Patrick Dumoulin, CEO Great Place to Work® Institute, France

Oyo N’Doro, Intersec HR Director, comments: “We are much honored to be listed in the ‘Best Workplaces’ France 2015 ranking. This award acknowledges the approach firmly anchored on our values we have had since our creation 10 years ago; we put Intersec talents in the best working conditions by creating a stimulating and pleasant work environment that empowers them. While facing strong intellectual challenges in the fields of innovation and
performance, their capacity for initiative makes the difference.”

Yann Chevalier, Intersec CEO adds: “We are particularly proud of the creation of a company that is both a commercial success and a great place to work; this is what every entrepreneur strives for.”

Regarding Great Place to Work® Institute

The Great Place to Work® Institute has yearly evaluated the best workplaces for twenty years. They are present in 49 countries. Their unique methodology allows them to evaluate all companies, whatever their industry, size or status. The Great Place to Work® Institute rankings are published each year in prestigious media all over the world: The Figaro in France, Handelsblatt (Germany), Fortune (US, Korea), Irish Time (Ireland), Época (Brazil) or Business Day (Nigeria).
The winning companies receive the ‘Best Workplaces’ label of the year, delivered by their Institute.

How are the companies evaluated?
Their methodology makes them unique and different. They evaluate the companies with the two following tools:

- The Trust Index©: a survey amongst the company staff, is worth 2/3rd of the final mark.

- The Culture Audit© evaluates the quality and diversity of the managing practices
within the company. This audit is worth 1/3rd of the final mark.

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About Intersec
Intersec designs innovative software enabling operators to leverage their network Big Data. Our disruptive technology crunches and consolidates huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous network equipment and IT, and turns them into actionable insights in real-time.

Intersec GMLC

High-quality Android, iOS, or hybrid solutions translated into great results.

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