Intersec selected by the French Ministry of the Interior to provide the population alerting platform on mobile phones

Published on: 15/04/2021
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The Ministers of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili and of the Interior Gérald Darmanin announced, on September 24, 2020, during a visit to Rouen one year after the fire at the Lubrizol plant, the launch of an alert system for populations on their mobile phones. Intersec was successfully chosen to deploy the foundation of this system that is officially launching in the first half of 2022 with an aim to protect the population.

Paris, France, Thursday April 15, 2021 – Intersec is a big data software vendor based in Paris, la Défense. After an international competitive process, Intersec has been selected by the French Ministry of the Interior, to provide the solution that will result in sending each person, in the Metropolitan France and French overseas territories, an SMS alert in the event of danger to people or property.

The selection process involved providing communication in real-time to the services of the Ministry, the Civil Security services, smart cities, and Infrastructure service suppliers. Other broadcasting channels will also be provided to alert the population (digital channels, connection to the existing siren system, etc.)

The platform provided will include an application called GeoSafe Crisis Management which will be used by State services. There will also be a mediation platform which will allow alert messages to be routed to the infrastructures of mobile network operators that are present in the Metropolitan France such as in French overseas territories. The French government is negotiating with telecommunications operators for extensions to their network to be able to relay these alerts to their subscribers, depending on their geolocation. The alert messages do not require the prior installation of a smartphone application and can be transmitted to the 76 million mobile phones that are currently in circulation throughout France, as well as those of foreigners roaming in French territory.

The confidentiality of mobile subscribers data will be protected by an algorithm which presents location data to public service end users, in an anonymized and aggregated manner. This will be to enable the public services to fulfill their civil security missions, while keeping the location of mobile devices within the limits of the networks of telecommunication operators, who will send unitary messages to these recipients.

Intersec has become a leading global player in the supply to telecommunication operators and public authorities. Its solutions enhance and strengthen the protection of civilian populations e.g. by viewing the active location of a citizen on a distress call and the facilitation of access to all geolocation data during legal investigations etc.

Intersec is today a critical partner for public authorities, civil security services, smart cities, and telecommunication operators, as it accounts for the protection and security of populations around twenty-five customers in ten countries and five continents. Intersec currently enables access to the location of nearly 1 billion humans and connected objects.

Yann Chevalier, Intersec CEO declares today: “As a teenager, I regretted that my father, a civil servant, had no other choice than to spend whole evenings, and long hours on weekends, in an operational center in the prefecture, to prepare and distribute warning messages to various municipalities that were going to be affected by floods, mainly by iterating calls, faxes and telexes to the mayors who in turn would warn their citizens. I am happy that technology is now making it possible to provide a very fast, fully automated process that will reach as many people as possible and save lives. We are all proud, at Intersec, that our product has been selected by the French authorities after a very competitive process!"

Romain Moutard, Lieutenant Colonel of professional firefighters and Director of Projects at the DNUM of the Ministry of the Interior, in particular in charge of modernizing accessibility and receiving emergency communications for the security services, health and emergency services, adds: "we are pleased to have the skills, know-how and products necessary in Europe, allowing us to build a sovereign, first-rate alert solution, deploying without delay innovations and features developed only a few months ago. We have the ambition to build a solution that will be a European benchmark. We were seduced by the completeness of Intersec's solution, by its experience in delivering messages on a very large scale depending on the real-time location of recipients, and by the willingness of its teams to keep this solution at the forefront of the state of the art over the years to come”.

This selection by the French Ministry of the Interior validates the significant investment strategy implemented by Intersec in recent years, in product development and commercial development in five continents. In 2021, Intersec plans to recruit 30 to 40 employees in long-term jobs, to continue to enrich its GeoSafe offer and maintain market leadership, while approaching new customers around the world.

Founded in 2004 by three Ecole Polytechnique graduates, Olivier Guillaumin, Yann Chevalier and Jean-Marc Coïc, Intersec has built a platform for managing activity and mobility data. Intersec deploys very high-speed message sending capabilities, and artificial intelligence algorithms. It enables one hundred leading customers in eighty countries around the world to implement uses in the field of contextual marketing, geolocated advertising, public safety, smart cities management, and the management of connected object fleets (IoTs). The company is financed by prestigious institutional investors such as Innovacom-Turenne Capital, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Highland Capital Partners Europe and Omnes Capital. Regularly awarded for its innovations, Intersec is financially supported by Bpifrance in its innovation and export development initiatives.

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