Intersec wins a Catalyst Award at DTW24 – Ignite

Published on: 24/06/2024
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Paris, France, June 24, 2024 – The Virtual Command Center as a Service (VCCaaS) initiative has secured the esteemed Beyond Telco award at the 2024 TM Forum's DTW - Ignite conference. The project was also shortlisted as a finalist in the Tech for Good category, highlighting the critical role of telecom networks in safeguarding people beyond mere connectivity services. 

The recognition comes at a crucial time when over half the global population—approximately 4.5 billion people—faces high risks of extreme climatic events. In his opening address at DTW24, TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts emphasized the need for telecom leaders to "Connect, Protect, and Create" leveraging technology to deliver practical value that directly impacts people's lives and safety. 

The VCCaaS is a fully integrated and ready-to-use virtual command center designed to assist public authorities and mission-critical organizations in mitigating the devastating impacts of disasters. This innovative solution harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Networks, Digital Twins, and Location Intelligence. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, VCCaaS provides a comprehensive real-time view of the situation and enhances operational efficiency. Leveraging Intersec's mass alerting capabilities, it can potentially reduce disaster-related damage by 30% when warnings are issued within 24 hours, according to United Nations data. 

Charlotte Cardona, Intersec VP Communications, stated, " This collaborative achievement underscores the power of partnership in driving technological innovation that puts people first, ensuring their safety and resilience in the face of increasing global risks."  

The success of this catalyst project was made possible through the joint efforts of fourteen companies, all united in their commitment to leveraging technology for human safety: Antel-Uruguay, Celfocus, Chunghwa Telecom Company LTD, Cognizant Technology Solutions, ESRI, Futurewei Technologies, Inc., Infosim GmbH & Co. KG, Intersec, MTN South Africa, NTT Group, Orange, Telecom Italia SpA, UBiqube, and Verizon Communications. 


About Intersec 

Intersec is a global leader in telecom metadata and location intelligence solutions. Designed by fast data experts, our solutions guide governments and telcos in their data-driven revolution to build tangible value, from efficiently warning people in case of danger to driving new sources of revenue. Our 80 clients in 50 countries leverage our instruments to reach, locate, and map nearly one billion connected devices 24/7. Intersec is a leading vendor in location intelligence, spatial computing, and telecom data monetization, as acknowledged by Gartner®. Headquarters in France, Intersec places Privacy by Design well beyond accepted standards, it assures regulatory compliance, no matter where our clients operate. Learn more at 


For further information: Charlotte Cardona, Communications Director, +33 6 74 39 12 93, 


→ Download the infographic about the Virtual Command Center project

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