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Published on: 03/07/2022
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In his interview with Enjoy!, Jean-Marc Coïc, CTO of Intersec, highlights the evolution of Intersec, which started with mobile operators' big data, fast data, and AI. Founded in 2004, our initial mission was to develop high-performance software using existing technology to enable new use cases, focusing on data from SMS, MMS, and e-mail. Over time, we expanded to handle massive data exchanges on networks and real-time geolocation of mobile phones for various applications like geolocated advertising and public alerts.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 16.02.49Jean-Marc played a crucial role in the company's growth since its inception. He emphasizes the importance of standards in the industry, particularly ETSI and 3GPP standards, which address active and passive geolocation services. These standards are essential for public safety, emergency calls, and data privacy as data regulation increases.

Intersec's AI-enhanced geo-analytics has found applications in smart cities, helping with urban planning, transport analytics, and personalized customer services. Fast data analytics, mass communication, and AI-based decisions are vital components of their platform for smart city services.

One notable achievement for Intersec is being selected by the French Ministry of the Interior to deploy the FR-Alert system, in compliance with the Directive on European Electronic Communications Code. This system uses cell broadcast and location-based SMS messages, based on ETSI standards, for crisis alerts, ensuring widespread coverage. The choice of technology depends on various factors, and AI plays a significant role in recommending the most suitable solution based on the situation.

In summary, Intersec's journey from its early days to becoming a key player in data analytics for mobile operators, their involvement in standards development, and their role in ensuring public safety through alert systems are significant achievements in the telecommunications industry. They are set to be a benchmark for alert systems in the European market.

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