Powered by Intersec, SFR supplies data to Public Hospitals of Paris and INRIA

Published on: 03/04/2020
<span id=Powered by Intersec, SFR supplies data to Public Hospitals of Paris and INRIA" />

SFR gave the Public Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) and the National Institute of Research in Science and Digital Technologies (INRIA) several datasets allowing them to measure and visualize population movements between Paris region and the other French regions during March.

The aim for both AP-HP and INRIA is to refine their awaited charge prediction models for both Parisian hospitals and Regional hospitals.   

SFR will go on accompanying these state organizations by providing data for a more accurate representation at country-level and for a longer observation time. These insights will allow a better understanding of population movements’ mechanisms together with establishing correlations with epidemiologic risks on the French national territory.
To make these data available, SFR used its « Géostatistics » solution powered by Intersec that, thanks to a dedicated experts’ team on the MNO side and a team of product managers and data scientists on the Intersec side, is regularly enriched with new functionalities since 2016.
This solution allows statistical analysis of movements and attendance on multiple geographical zones, day by day, over large periods of time. The indicators supplied by the solution can serve various goals like allowing transportation infrastructure dimensioning, understanding mobility within one or several regions or measuring the variations of attendance in a touristic region. Data consist in aggregated statistical indicators, therefore they are anonymized. The solution doesn’t allow individual localization – it helps count how many people travelled on the national territory, between two defined zones at a defined time.

To know more about SFR GEOSTATISTICS (in French) https://www.sfrbusiness.fr/relation-client/sfr-geostatistics/

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