Location investigations for LEAs


Cutting-edge location intelligence

Proper and rapid secured access to the mass of historized passive location events and to precise geolocation is of the essence for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to conduct their daily critical and sensitive activities.

The Intersec geodata-driven investigation solution supports decisively LEAs to prevent security threats, fight criminal activities and find missing persons, by faithfully and accurately reproducing the mobility of targets of interest, and providing useful AI analysis and insights to analysts.

Beyond standards

Intersec’s approach complements and exceeds the traditional telecommunication and interception standards, delivering higher reactivity and versatility to the context, and finer temporal and spatial accuracy. And this, whatever the device and the network used are, whether the use case is real-time or a posteriori analysis.

Respectful of privacy

Privacy by Design is at the core of Intersec's principles. Our solutions ensure that data is collected and processed lawfully, as per country regulations and for legitimate purposes. Any access to the data is subject to tight habilitations and according to a secured workflow.

Geolocation expertise

For more than 15 years, Intersec has deployed comprehensive location data acquisition at scale and location-specialized big data processing. Enlightened with a state-of-the-art AI stack, end-users benefit from actionable intelligence data to progress and solve their cases.

Investigative application


  • Combine active and passive geolocation techniques over multiple mobile networks

  • Benefit from adaptative mobile tracking automation to the case context and the target behavior

  • Optimize the requests toward networks and devices, and get notified as soon as something meaningful happens


  • Spot usual home places and most frequently visited places of the targets

  • Visualize the corridors of life of targets, composed of their various movements and places of stationarity

  • Get informed is something unusual happens in relation to these corridors or usual places

  • Reveil activities on encrypted OTT messaging applications


  • Reveal new targets of interest from a correspondence of place(s) and time(s)

  • Identify potential accomplice from similarities of mobility or attendance

  • Discover the use of second device or mobile line by the suspect

End-to-end modular solutions


Acquire certified network-based and handset-derived locations at TSP level (Telecom Service Providers) and consolidate with other sources of location data: 

  • Intersec LALS Safety Hub solution tailored to fit TSP networks (Lawful Access to Locations): GMLC, SMLC, SAS, E-SMLC, LMF, Passive geolocation cell and subcell
  • GNSS/GPS trackers, field team assets, Etc.
  • Other location data sources, e.g. IMSI catchers originated data


Maintain large location datasets in one or several Data retention system(s) distributed over LEAs and TSPs, as per national legislation.

  • Minimize the retained data in accordance with regulations
  • Define the retention policy with geographic, temporal, and list-based criteria
  • Cypher all stored data with a high level of security


Run characterizations of patterns on a large scale from days to years ago

  • Mobility patterns
  • Connectivity patterns
  • Usage patterns

Access and use the data

  • Data extractions are subject to habilitation workflow and journalized
  • API for seamless integration with LEA ecosystems

Investigate via easy-to-use yet powerful tools in a pleasant GUI