Infographics GeoSafe: Alerting solution using both CB and LB-SMS

Published on: 17/11/2020
<span id=Infographics GeoSafe: Alerting solution using both CB and LB-SMS" />

Infographics GeoSafe: Alerting solution using both Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS

GMLC Infographic

Geolocation data: providing Telco operators with one of their best sources of statistics…

1. Make sur your data strategy is well aligned to your business goals. If you want relevant and meaningful outcomes, analytics must address the challenges of your company and feed your current business strategy.

2. Measure what you’ll need to achieve the outcomes you’re heading for, which includes all the technical work of collecting, sorting, aggregating, filtering and processing the data. </p

3. Report or convert your raw data into information that is useful to your company and that can be delivered to various business departments and users using custom reports, dashboards, and alerts.

When these 3 steps are completed, you will finally be able to make data-driven decisions, optimize your business performance and derive value from your data.

With GeoInsights, you skip the preparations steps 2 and 3 to shorten the timeframe to achieve ROI.

Intersec GMLC

High-quality Android, iOS, or hybrid solutions translated into great results.

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Citizens security mobile location data can do much more

Discover the possibilities and limitations offered by 3GPP standards on geolocation, the interest of passive collection and examples of innovative security use cases.

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