IoT: a major element for growth

Published on: 07/02/2019
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The new industry survey was just published and it is no surprise to read that IoT is seen as important or critical to most of the participants!

For the tens of billions of IoT devices expected to be connected in the coming years, smart cities, utilities, and industrial IoT are viewed as the most important fields of applications.

Companies consider IoT as an opportunity for them: 56% of respondents see it as an major driver to grow their service portfolio, followed by 46% seeing IoT bringing new revenues and 42% of them, expect IoT to provide the company’s future growth. 37% of companies believe IoT is a major means to beat competition and stay ahead of the stream.

When considering the technology areas to invest in in the next five years, four areas stand out and scored almost equal. Application platform was selected by 50% of the respondents, access infrastructure by 49%, security solutions 48%, and connectivity platform by 47%.         









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