Mass-scale location-based services: 5 tips for choosing the right partner

Published on: 16/02/2022
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Mass-scale location-based services: 5 tips for choosing the right partner

Individuals’ location data are used to provide location-based services. These location data have four dimensions: latitude, longitude, altitude (or x, y, z), and time, indicating a user's location at a specific time. There are several mechanisms inside a typical mobile device that can provide location information. The most common are GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, cellular technology, and beacons.

Rule 1: Respect for privacy

Fully respecting the privacy of mobile subscribers is a critical component when selecting a partner,to comply with GDPR. Anonymisation of big data is complex, so you need to pay attention to your partner’s processes. As a European-based player, one of our core principles, at Intersec, is to enforce safe data sharing practices:

  • Privacy by design: pseudonymization, aliasing, and k-anonymization, the process for testing, advanced access rights, and credential management
  • Consent and data management>: consent management (opt-in/opt-out/withdraw), granular tracking of customers’ consents
  • Data breach and data prevention: preventative and corrective actions, data Breach Response and notification procedure, auditing capabilities

Rule 2: Simple integration

When you need to get messages delivered to your customers and prospects based on their location and you need to analyze to a multitude of locations, you need mass-scale location-based software services. At Intersec, we can help you deliver offers or messages on large scale with ease, with no major changes to your infrastructure and without major investment.

Rule 3: Modularity over time

Agility and flexibility are important, and you also need to be ready to scale easily when the time comes. The most successful companies are those who are not afraid to be innovative leaders, and who opt for tried and tested solutions that improve the customer experience.

Rule 4: Efficiency

Our solutions put you in full control over when and where your messages will be delivered and how you interact with your target audience. We help you to automate the processes that would otherwise make for a long and untimely manual process and show you how easy it is to put your offers and messages in the palm of your users’ hands. 

Rule 5: Proven expertise

To conclude, our extensive knowledge in the telco field has permitted us to help many companies to develop highly targeted and relevant ways to interact with customers and prospects. Whether you are looking to get started right away with mass-scale location-based services, or if you are just curious about how these solutions work, we would be delighted to tell you more.

The Intersec platform: privacy by design 

GDPR-proof management of data privacy per type of use case:

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