Scientists recommend tools just like GeoHealth!

Published on: 07/05/2020
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Covid-19 : Vittoria Colizza, Research Director at the Pierre-Louis epidemiological and public health Institute, in Paris, France was interviewed by Le Figaro 

This scientist explains how solutions like GeoHealth are very relevant to help reduce risks during the end of the quarantine. She reminds people that MNOs' operating data are a very reliable and useful source to understand the circulation of the virus. And, without any particular app. deployment. 

vittoria colizza « These data remain anonymous and aggregated: one cannot track the users' routes. The aim is not to individually control people's  movements, but to analyze population transfers and anticipate the consequences on the epidemic.» she says.In France, the end of the quarantine will be adapted by region and will be coupled with a ban on traveling more than 100 km (except in specific cases). Vittoria Colizza relays one of the use cases that we are proposing with GeoHealth: verifying the collective respect for government measures: "If we combine this information with spatial diffusion models, we can not only visualize the epidemic situation but also anticipate. We can measure how transfers between two regions facilitate the spread of the virus and thus adapt hospital needs.

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