The preference of Location-Based Advertising is growing in the US Market

Published on: 01/02/2016
<span id=The preference of Location-Based Advertising is growing in the US Market" />

According to Market Research firm transparency market research, in the coming few years, the US global mobile advertising market will observe advertisers focusing more on performance.

They will increase their spending as their ROI gets clearer along with more valuable and quantifiable results. The preference of location-based advertising is growing and will continue to assert its importance in the future. Location-based technology allows advertisers to deploy hyper-targeting, which enhances the effectiveness of mobile advertisements.

LBAAnother trend that will be noticed in the next few years is personalization of ads. Advertisers will start investing in mobile advertising especially tailored for the consumer.

To do so, companies are turning either to mobile advertising agencies or directly to their mobile operator.

Thanks to our technology, companies like SFR in France are launching amazing campaigns.

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