What are telcos betting on? Worldwide survey

Published on: 23/10/2023
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At Intersec, we are conducting a worldwide survey to better understand telcos' business priorities in the upcoming years. We are reaching out to all our clients and the telecom industry in general in order to gather a wide range of responses, ensuring a representative view of the market.

Indeed, telecom operators have faced sluggish growth in recent years, highlighting the need to explore new avenues for revenue. Merely relying on the monetization of data through selling data and SMS is no longer sufficient. Presently, CSPs must reinvent themselves to reclaim their position within the value chain while complying with the most stringent regulations. 

Your insights matter and your input will help guide the future of telco data monetization. So, please take a moment to take part in our poll:



In appreciation of your valuable time, we will ensure that you receive a complimentary copy of the report once it is published.


How we can help

In this ever-evolving landscape, data monetization has emerged as a pivotal strategy, and Intersec stands at the forefront as an expert in this field. The abundance of data generated by telecom operators presents an untapped well of potential, capable of fueling growth and providing unparalleled customer experiences, and plays a central role. By harnessing the power of data analytics, telecom operators can gain profound insights into their customer base, fine-tune their services, and make informed decisions to maintain a competitive edge.

Here are a few examples in which our data monetization solutions can your company grow:

1. Location-Based Services - Geoanalytics: Understanding geolocation data empowers operators to identify high-traffic areas, network congestion points, and service gaps. By optimizing network resources based on these insights, operators can enhance network performance and improve customer experiences. Industries such as retail, banking, public sector, and real estate can find immense value in this data for purposes like catchment area analysis, identity verification, tourism statistics, and population movement analysis.

2. Internal Data Monetization - SMS for roamers: By analyzing customer travel patterns and preferences, MNOs can tailor roaming packages, allowing travelers to stay connected seamlessly while abroad, enhancing customer satisfaction.

3. Security & Risk Management - Fraud detection: Telecom operators can deploy advanced analytics to scrutinize call records, user behavior, and transaction data, promptly identifying and preventing fraudulent activities like SIM card swaps.

4. IoT & Business Optimization - Smart factories: IoT sensors in smart factories generate a vast amount of data. Telcos can step in to facilitate the seamless transmission and analysis of this data, optimizing production processes by offering low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity that ensures real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and enhanced automation. 


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