How Intersec designed the perfect solution to guarantee effective data governance and reinforce consumer data privacy

Published on: 28/06/2019
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GDPR compliant from day one, Intersec solutions now offer robust and fine-grained data policy management.

Paris, France – Intersec, leading vendor of real-time streaming analytics software, has announced the successful integration of Smart-Cascading Workspaces into its solutions. These Workspaces act as “containers,” allowing enabled users to create and organize secured airtight work groups and work environments to guarantee data security and privacy. Data Governance consists in a set of guidelines and policies to optimize, secure, and leverage data as a business asset. Data Governance insures the company against regulatory risks.


Smart-Cascading Workspaces guarantee DPOs (Data Protection Officers) that their defined Data Governance strategy is correctly implemented. And with CCPA (Consumer Californian Privacy Act) becoming effective in January 2020, Data Governance is not only a need for European-related business, it becomes an inevitable topic for every Northern-American company.

This is one of the reasons why Intersec has deployed the Workspaces in all its solutions. They enable collaborative work between users on the same tools, dashboards, and datasets by assigning roles to users or groups while setting rules for access and non-access.

Elements are in private mode (hidden from other users) by default and can be published in the Workspace at any time. Their cascading property is particularly useful to share parts of published objects with sub-level workspaces. The cascaded objects then smartly adapt to the potential restrictions of sub-workspaces, in full compliancy with GDPR principles and Data Protection.

Moreover, a specific user can be granted auditor rights in order to verify data protection compliancy. He may audit the connections as well as the workflows (to make sure there is an opt-out scenario for example) without having access to the non-aliased data.

Smart-Cascading Workspaces typically benefit the Intersec GeoSafe Solution by setting-up sealed containers to host sensitive investigation files only accessible to duly accredited users. Privacy protection is mastered, and Data security is ensured.

Another field of application is location-based advertising. With the Intersec GeoReach Solution, operators offer marketing agencies a dedicated workspace that they can partition for each of their advertisers. Their campaigns, lists, market segments, strategies, etc. are completely safe and visible only by the brand and the Agency.

The Intersec GeoTrack Solution allows large service providers to share a common IT platform between various, unrelated and often competing IoT fleets. Smart-Cascading Workspaces enable each IoT fleet manager to use the common platform, as if he or she were the only user. Workspaces provide a secure space where device information, geofence definitions, and lists of devices are privately managed.

“We developed this approach for all the solutions we offer, to bring value to our customers and help them enforce their GDPR compliancy,” CEO Yann Chevalier commented. “We believe this is the first step in helping them become privacy-first global platforms that offer high value services to their customers. We’re thrilled to start 2019 with such an important announcement and look forward to sharing this feature with our clients and prospects.”

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