Intersec’s proven public warning technology drives global expansion

Published on: 09/05/2023
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PARIS, May 9, 2023 – ("Intersec" or the "Company"), a global leader in telecom metadata and location intelligence solutions, is emphasizing the critical importance of fully reliable Public Warning Systems (PWS) for Citizen Safety. Intersec’s commitment to operational excellence and user data protection has resulted in 25 new PWS references in just two years, covering 164 million additional citizens.

During the implementation phase, Intersec systematically conducts technical tests at a local, regional, and national scale in close collaboration with the competent authorities and mobile network operators, and the results have consistently been successful. The tests cover a wide range of scenarios to ensure the system can handle any potential issue.

“The successful nationwide test of the Cell Broadcast technology as part of the “Warntag” 2022 has proven the high performance of the alerting solution and the professionalism of the partner.” Jochen Bockfeld, Director Common Services of O Telefónica.

Operational excellence also plays a vital role in ensuring that citizens are kept informed in an appropriate way, without creating unnecessary panic or confusion. To prevent human and system errors, the Intersec PWS contains a comprehensive set of protective measures:

  • Layers of CAP-enabled user authentication, validation mechanisms
  • System resilience and redundancy measures guaranteed by multiple data centers
  • Ongoing platform health checks that alert administrators to any potential issues before they cause a disruption

“France has chosen the most sophisticated and comprehensive system, involving all the operators, supplemented by location-based SMS. And it is this combination that gives France one of the most effective systems in Europe.[1]”, Pierre-André Durand, French Prefect

By selecting Intersec, both governments and mobile operators have the assurance that they can depend on not only reliable technology but also advanced situational awareness features. The platform approach is also cited as an asset as users can seamlessly implement additional use cases, such as emergency call handling on the government side, and data monetization on the operator side.



Intersec is a global leader in mobile data and location intelligence solutions. Designed by fast data experts, our solutions guide governments and telcos in their data-driven revolution to build tangible value, from efficiently warning people in case of danger to driving new sources of revenue. Our 65 clients in 50 countries leverage our instruments to locate and map 850 million mobile devices 24/7, and our public warning solutions cover 30 % of the population in the European Union. At Intersec, Privacy by Design goes well beyond accepted standards, by ensuring regulatory compliance no matter where our clients operate.


Press contact: Charlotte Cardona, Commuication director; charlotte.cardona[at]

[1] Source:

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