Basic Public Warning Systems are expiring soon 

Published on: 18/03/2022
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As the EECC June 2022 deadline is fast approaching, do you have what it takes to keep people safe?

Existing infrastructure is disrupted and compromised when severe disasters strike; rural areas are isolated, and city streets become impassable and unsafe. Maintaining civil order, performing search and rescue operations, and providing relief distribution all require reliable communication.

The series of crises in the world right now reveal some shortcomings in many nations' abilities to effectively warn populations at risk with timely and accurate emergency alerts. PWS (Public Warning System) helps save lives as local authorities can shelter and evacuate large numbers of people when emergency situations arise. It is particularly important to alert targeted populations, but also provide them sufficient information in an understandable manner.

Nature’s uncertainty and the occurrence of unforeseen situation makes it imperative for nations to have a comprehensive public warning system as an instrumental tool to help them control threats in case they occur. There is no doubt that effective PWS can substantially save lives from severe events. The alert management technologies, Cell Broadcast (CB), location-based SMS (Short Messaging Service), as well the integration of various communication channels, are all part of our comprehensive PWS solution. By combining both technologies, Intersec’s solution dramatically increases the efficiency of the system, accelerates nationwide messaging broadcast, while ensuring full interoperability with existing services.

To have a full population coverage, Cell Broadcast is not enough! Do you have what it takes to ensure the safety of your population? 

Location-Based SMS locates at-risk citizens, supports two-way communication, and provides public authorities with real-time field information, while Cell Broadcast enables the broadcast of instant notifications to millions of citizens, even if the network is under pressure. Using these two technologies to their maximum extent and ensuring that citizens are properly informed as the situation evolves is the best strategy.

Finally, the manner to alert shall depend on the nature of the event, its length, evolution, severity, and context. Intersec is strongly advocating for the combination of both CB and LB-SMS to adapt to the context and reach the greatest number of people. Before, during, and after disaster events, our PWS is extremely effective in communicating lifesaving information over broad distances and our technologies and skills will assist you in modernizing your public warning system successfully.

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