Infographics - Integrated EWS/PWS framework

Published on: 13/11/2023
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Uniting early warning and public alerts enhances public safety

This infographic sheds light on the crucial importance of viewing early warning and public alerting systems as an integrated framework. This visual representation illustrates how these systems, often considered independently, should be considered as a whole to properly anticipate and manage crises.
Bringing together an array of public and private stakeholders responsible for safeguarding our communities creates a powerful network that can swiftly and effectively respond to a wide range of threats.
As a member of the United Nations' ITU group, Intersec contributes to the Early Warning For All initiative:
  • Pillar 1: Disaster risk knowledge
  • Pillar 2: Detection, observation, monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of hazards
  • Pillar 3: Warning dissemination and communication
  • Pillar 4: Preparedness and response capabilities

Intersec EWSPWS Framework

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