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2023 annual review

Amplifying the real-world impact of telecom metadata and location intelligence around the world

Intersec is a global leader in telecom metadata and location intelligence solutions. Designed by fast data experts, our solutions guide telecom operators and governments in their data-driven revolution to build tangible value, from efficiently warning people in case of danger to creating new sources of revenue. At Intersec, Privacy by Design goes well beyond accepted standards: it assures regulatory compliance, no matter where our clients operate.


To turn telecom metadata into tangible value for business and society


We envision a future where the vast metadata from telecom operators enables real-time analysis and risk management for a safer world, and fosters privacy-friendly business innovations that reposition telcos at the forefront of the value chain.


Disruptive innovation
Customer excellence
Business ethics
Tech for good

What we do

For public safety stakeholders


In a world of increasing threats, the preventive and responsive capabilities of public bodies and enterprise clients regarding natural and man-made disasters are challenged daily. Our innovative technologies help them better protect the populations:

For mobile network operators


MNOs generate unique insights across 100% of their subscriber base, providing an excellent, trustworthy, and cookie-free alternative that many could dream of, to contribute to citizens' safety, understand people's behavior better, and make smarter decisions in privacy-compliant ways.


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Privacy by Design

As a geolocation expert, Intersec builds its products and solutions using privacy by design as the default approach, constantly tightening data protection measures to offer cutting-edge products.

Unequalled geolocation

Recognized by Gartner as a key location intelligence player, Intersec offers the most comprehensive set of location techniques on the market, transforming the way we approach geolocation in the world.

For telcos since 2004

Our combination of high-speed message-sending and location intelligence capabilities coupled with AI algorithms allows our customers to operate massive multi-channel communications, and measure their effectiveness in real time.

FY2023 key numbers

Increased revenues by 38%
Achieved a significant 37% ARR growth
80 tier-one customers in 50 countries
1 billion
1B SIM cards connected to our solutions 24/7
Vincent EN
"The company's upward trajectory in the last four years validates our strategic shift initiated eight years ago. This shift emphasizes telecom metadata, leveraging our strong technological edge over competitors. Our current approach prioritizes 21st-century technologies for enhanced societal safety while strengthening the substantial value of location-based services for operators to generate new revenues and reclaim their position in the value chain."

Vincent Bastien, Chairman

Yann EN
"Building upon these excellent results, we reaffirm our dedication to sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. We advance our ambitious growth path by reinforcing our core elements: introducing new innovative products that leverage metadata intelligence, and enhancing customer proximity through the increased presence of our teams in various regions."

Yann Chevalier, CEO

Year in review

Jan. 3: Intersec announces the successful deployment of the public warning technology for O₂ Telefónica in Germany

“We have selected Intersec because their carrier-grade solution meets all regulatory requirements while being sustainably resilient and scalable. The successful nationwide test of the Cell Broadcast technology as part of the “Warntag” 2022 has proven the high performance of the alerting solution and the professionalism of the partner.” Jochen Bockfeld, Director Common Services of O Telefónica.

May 9: Intersec’s proven public warning technology drives global expansion

Intersec’s commitment to operational excellence and user data protection has resulted in 25 new PWS references in just two years, covering 164 million additional citizens. During the implementation phase, Intersec systematically conducts technical tests at a local, regional, and national scale in close collaboration with the competent authorities and mobile network operators, and the results have consistently been successful. 

Jun. 15: Intersec successfully deploys Croatia's new national public warning system

Mr. Davor Božinović, Minister of the Interior, stated, "This innovative solution will significantly enhance our ability to alert and protect the public during emergencies. We can now ensure that vital information reaches citizens efficiently, enabling them to respond appropriately." Yann Chevalier, Intersec CEO, commented, "With our partners GDi and KING ICT, we have delivered a robust solution that will make Croatia a more resilient society." 

Sept. 19: Five leading tier-one operators deploy the Intersec location platform in 5G SA

Intersec announces the deployment of its network location platform for five landmark operators in the 5G Standalone network in Europe, the Middle East, and North America since the beginning of 2023. Faced with limitations in their existing legacy platform, the telecom operators recognized the need for a comprehensive change to meet evolving network dynamics and regulatory compliance, guided by the high requirements and tight timelines set by Telecom Regulatory Authorities.

Nov. 13: Intersec joins United Nations’ ITU to foster emergency telecommunications

Intersec announced its membership in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Company’s decision to join ITU-D is rooted in its commitment to the "Early Warnings for All" (EW4All) initiative, launched by the United Nations in March 2022. This initiative aims to protect every person on Earth with an early warning system. This includes providing people worldwide with timely emergency alerts through telecommunications networks and mobile phones with a 2027 target for universal coverage.

Strengthening our ecosystem

Through strategic initiatives, Intersec is dedicated to reinforcing its presence in both public safety and telecom groups, creating a symbiotic relationship that not only enhances the power of connectivity but also contributes to the overall well-being and security of communities.

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Data privacy • public safety • location accuracy • IOT

The metadata advantage

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Get started

3-5 year strategic plan

Pillar #1: our clients

Increasing scale through organic growth and strategic acquisitions

Our strategic focus involves bolstering our expertise in mission-critical use cases, to continue to support our customers' evolving and complex needs. We aim to enhance our global operations, strategically placing experts in proximity to clients for more effective collaboration. Additionally, we are dedicated to accelerating the adoption of our network location platform in the 5G Standalone network to pave the way for high-value use cases for our customers.

Pillar #2: our people

Achieving best-in-class employee engagement

Cultivating a culture of collaboration, ownership, and excellence is paramount to our workplace. We foster a respectful working environment and invest significantly in the personal development of both leaders and employees, recognizing their growth as integral to our collective success.

Pillar #3: our partners

Prioritizing fruitful collaboration with business partners

Fostering trustful relationships is crucial to our success, enabling us to co-create solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Delivering consistent, long-term returns to shareholders

We prioritize sustainable growth with wise investments in high-value solutions, ensuring lasting profitability and honoring the trust of our stakeholders.

Engaging actively with the broader industry ecosystem

Our active engagement with international organizations (TMForum, ITU...) positions us as catalysts for positive change, fostering innovation, sustainability, and industry progress.

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public authorities

Executive team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Yann Chevalier

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Yann Chevalier started his career at Orange. He contributed to several national R&D projects in the field of telecommunications.

Between 2002 and 2004, Yann was Chairman of Society, which counts now over 23,000 members, all alumni and students from Ecole Polytechnique. He is also one of the founders of the project.

In 2004, Yann founded Intersec with Olivier Guillaumin and Jean-Marc Coïc.

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Ingolf Ruh

Ingolf Ruh is an experienced senior Sales and Marketing executive having held various management positions in the software industry in the European, Asian and Middle East markets.

Ingolf held senior management positions at IBM including Director of Tivoli Systems DACH. In 2001 he enters Motive Inc., as VP & General Manager EMEA & APAC. Motive had a successful IPO in 2004 and was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2008. Ingolf Ruh remains 3 years at Alcatel Lucent as SVP Motive. In 2011, he joins AePona Ltd., which was acquired by Intel Corp. in 2013. Ingolf also served as Advisor to the CEO of ASSIA Inc.

In September 2015, Intersec welcomes this senior executive specialized in driving innovative solutions into new markets as Chief Revenue Officer. His responsibilities include the coordination of Sales and Presales activities all over the globe.
When he is not working, Ingolf is keeping up the rhythm playing electric guitar. 

VP Product

Christophe Nez

Christophe Nez has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology and telecommunication sector across technical sales, engineering, and management.

Prior to joining Intersec, he served 8 years within the Sagem mobile phones R&D division, leading the software development of several signature phones of the company.

He also occupied several positions at eServGlobal in presales organization and product marketing, contributing to the company transformation from prepaid recharge business into mobile money and financial services.

Christophe joined Intersec in 2013 as a product manager on geolocation portfolio. He now runs the entire product marketing team.

VP Talent

Oyo N’Doro

Graduated from Law University of Toulouse and School of Management ESMA, Oyo N’doro started her career at Médiane Système, an IT consulting company. She participated in the growth of the company by ensuring recruitment of electronical, software or embedded system engineers during 3 years before overseeing Human Resources.

Her taste for intercultural and stimulating environment has led her to join Intersec in January 2013 as Human Resources Director, her responsibilities include the development and the coordination of Human Resources activities all over the globe.

Oyo loves travelling and meeting people, when she’s not working, she is looking for the next sunny destination to visit.

VP Operations

Mohit Maheshwari

Mohit Maheshwari is an experienced professional services leader with over 20 years’ experience in Professional Services and Customer Operations Management. Mohit has led multiple projects in Telecoms and Utility industry in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. As VP Operations at Intersec, Mohit is responsible for professional services, project delivery and customer support.

Before joining Intersec, Mohit served as a Senior Manager at Oracle where he helped transform the Oracle Field Service Solution Delivery and delivered consistent world class customer experience to Oracle customers.

Prior to that, Mohit held senior positions at Toa Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent and Motive where he developed and implemented highly successful post-sales service and support organizations.

Marketing and Communications Director

Charlotte Cardona

Graduated from EDHEC Business School, Charlotte Cardona has held progressive leadership positions with North American Technology and Security industry leaders in Canada.

As Marketing and Communications Director at Alithya, Charlotte led corporate marketing projects, in a context of growth through acquisitions and an IPO.

Back in France, Charlotte joined Intersec in 2021 to contribute to the group’s international growth ambitions.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jean-Marc Coïc

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Jean-Marc was recruited by Accenture right after graduating École Polytechnique and Telecom Paris Tech. He participated in software integration projects for large accounts and still is an important contributor to several open-source projects.

Highly skilled in very advanced programming techniques, Jean-Marc was part of Intersec from the very beginning. Jean-Marc's incredible leadership and technical skills naturally imposed him as CTO of the company in 2006. In January 2007, he becomes deputy CEO.

Jean-Marc plays the French horn in a symphonic orchestra and gives concerts for French horn, piano and voice with two of his fellow musicians.


Nicolas Rousseau-Dumarcet

Nicolas is a highly accomplished finance professional with a proven track record of success in the tech and IT industries. He graduated from ESCP Europe in 2005, where he specialized in finance, and went on to acquire over 8 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer.Throughout his career, Nicolas has demonstrated his ability to thrive in fast-growing and evolving environments. He is skilled in business planning, analytical skills, management, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and corporate finance & legal. These skills have been honed over years of experience in the industry, and he is able to apply them to create effective financial strategies for his employers.Currently, Nicolas serves as an executive leader at Intersec, where he oversees the financial and legal teams. His responsibilities include managing the company’s financial operations, developing and implementing financial plans, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.