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DOMINO 2022: a large-scale exercise to test the FR-Alert system

DOMINO 2022: a large-scale exercise to test the FR-Alert system

From May 16 to 19, the cities of Martigues, Fos-sur-Mer and Châteauneuf-les Martigues, in the Bouche du Rhône region, will be the scene of the DOMINO exercise. This is a large-scale civil security exercise, bringing together more than 1,000 members of the rescue forces from multiple countries of the European Union.

[E-book] Population warning systems

Public alerts and emergency alerts are official communications to the public in the event of major risks to life and safety. Find out how Intersec can help you provide statistics on the scope of an alert and orchestrate it through various complementary channels and more...

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[Comparison sheet] xMLC

Mobile Location Centre (xMLC) for MNOs - Compare Intersec with the competition


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Unlock the potential of network location platforms with Intersec's comprehensive buying guide.


[E-book] Location technologies

Find out how on-demand & mass geolocation techniques can give you access to a world of new use cases.

With Intersec, you are in the position to provide the best source of location data.


[Webinar] Geolocation in 5G: technological landscape and promising use cases

With a privacy-conscious approach and as 5G-ready devices and networks start to roll out, Telcos are uniquely positioned to facilitate digital ecosystems on a national scale, allowing them to unlock promising use cases and boost top-line revenue growth.