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Kamal F.

Kamal F.

Kamal F. VP R&D How long have you been in the company, what is your role? I've been with Intersec for 5 years now, I started as a backend developer and today, after 2 years leading one of the dev teams, I am VP of R&D. What does your job consist in? Many things, but in short there are 2 aspects of the job: the "build" and the "run".I work on the "build" part with Jean-Marc (our CTO) and the Intersec management team on how to implement the company strategy on the long term. As for the "run" part, I help solving everyday issues and I try to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible. What do you like best about your job? It is and has always been the people. It's a very fulfilling experience to work with such talented people here. I've always been in the process of learning from others and I am humbly honored now with the critical mission entrusted to me. What is your greatest challenge so far? I think that my greatest challenge at Intersec is ahead of me, which is a good sign! As for the last 5 years I would say it was about trusting my skills, stepping up as a Team Leader and putting some time and energy to try and solve challenging situations. 4 words to describe your experience at Intersec Common sense, good faith, good will and good mood.  

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